SONIFORMS is a live cymatics performance created for dome screen projections. Soniforms takes you through an audiovisual journey of shifting geometric and abstract patterns of light,  creating an immersive exploration of sound made visible. Water is used as a medium to physically generate these forms using vibrations from the performance’s live audio. These visuals are projected in realtime, along with the audio, creating a direct connection between what is seen and what is heard.  “SONIFORMS //Excerpts” is a recording of highlights from the original live performance at Buehler Planetarium (FL), May 2015.


05.08.15    Buehler Planetarium,“Dome Designers” Series: Live Cymatics Projection performance. 30 Mins.
05.31.15     MusicTechFest, Umeå, Sweden: Presentation for “SONIFORMS//Excerpts”. Approx. 8 Mins.


Soniforms Poster