SPECTRE’M is an interactive installation and cymatics projection that allows viewers to control and explore the behavior of visible sound vibrations (cymatics) through interaction with an HD webcam. As they interact, colors in the webcam’s live videostream are analyzed in realtime via Processing, and an audio frequency is generated based on the colors present in each frame. This frequency is sent to a speaker and is used to generate the cymatic visuals from the speaker’s vibrations. The visible behavior of the surface waves react in real-time to the colors in the live video stream, with longer-wavelength colors generating lower audio frequencies, and shorter-wavelength colors generating higher audio frequencies. The final projection shows the patterns of the sound vibrations, via light reflecting on the water’s surface, and reveals traces of the source video frames within these patterns of light.

This installation was showcased at BYOB Orlando, a one-night gathering of local and international visual artists presented at the Art & History Museums Maitland.