Conduit is an interactive sound installation that explores psychoacoustics through layered harmonic frequencies. Participants are presented with 6 pedestals, each activating a different frequency through conductive material. Each participant chooses if the sound which they control will be included or omitted from the combined complex tone which each person hears collectively through individual headphones.

The pedestals surround a central light sculpture of 6 sequenced panels. Each frequency, when activated, lights up a single panel etched with a symbol that corresponds to its relative wavelength in relation to the other frequencies and the fundamental. When each panel is lit, one can observe the layered symbols on each panel, illustrating where nodes of the different sine wave frequencies would line up.

Each frequency is modulated to at a rate which reinforces the harmonic relationship. This modulation creates a tone that alternates between being fully present and fully absent, allowing the listener to become more aware of the presence of each individual tone . When several tones are active, participants can challenge their minds to discern and focus on each of the single tones, one at a time, separating them from the combined, complex tone.

(February 3-7, 2017)
Otronicon Interactive Tech Expo (January 13-16, 2017).

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